Experience and Cutting-Edge Technology

Laser templating System

The Laser Templator significantly increases the efficiency, accuracy, and speed of templating. This equipment is world-class technology offering intuitive 2D and 3D laser templating capabilities making it ideal for precise measurements. The laser allows us to measure faster and with greater accuracy while reducing risk of error in order to meet your expectations of quick turnaround times without compromising the quality.

CNC Cutting Technology

Our Donatoni jet 625 is a full-size CNC with the capacity to shape and sculpt natural and engineered stones. It utilizes the most sophisticated software to be intuitive in its operations. Utilizing a touch screen interface, the software can run CAD and CAM files to develop projects into perfect works of art. Our laser templates are sent directly to our CNC machine after passing final review to be precisely cut and ready for your new kitchen.

Cutting Edge Polishing Technology

Our Park Industries Fastback polisher machine allows us to achieve high quality results when polishing countertop edges. When it comes to countertops, the edges are essential in creating clean lines and elegance. Our straight-line polisher is designed to produce refined furnishing elements and to ensure maximum reliability. The availability of numerous machine set-up configurations allows us to choose the right product for both simple and complex operations.