Ready To Assemble Cabinetry

With our solid wood construction, superior hardware, durable finishes, cabinetry lines and unique design features, we provide a wide variety at an affordable price. Our cabinets are ideal for homeowners who want a dream kitchen that is elegant, unique, and cost effective. Take a look at our stock RTA cabinets and custom cabinets for a full range of styles and colors to fit any kitchen or bath. With a well-stocked warehouse located in Davie, Florida, your orders will be delivered accurately and quickly! By having a local warehouse, it makes it easy to pick up the orders directly from the warehouse for all contractors, house flippers, general contractors, installers and for all those DIY homeowners.

Our cabinets are versatile and can fit any living spaces in your home:

  • Residential | Commercial
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Living Rooms
  • Dining Rooms
  • Wine Bars
  • Offices
  • Closets
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Outdoor Spaces & More…

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

To accentuate your cabinets, we offer a range of accessories such as trash can pull outs, spice rack pull outs, base cabinet pull out, roll out trays, decorative doors, corbels, mantels, glass doors, lazy Susan, pot and pan pull out, wine racks, crown molding and other decorative wood cabinet pieces.

Stock Cabinet Construction

  • Solid wood 3/4” thick full overlay doors and drawers
  • 1/2” thick grade plywood boxes
  • Double doweled face frame joints
  • 6-way adjustable European style fully concealed soft closing hinges
  • Dovetail drawer boxes with solid wood side panels
  • Full extension soft closing under mount concealed glides
  • Adjustable 3/4” shelves
  • Full overlay doors: Doors are sized to cover nearly all the cabinet face frame.

Buy RTA Cabinets – And Save Yourself Time, Money, And Headaches

RTA cabinets offer the perfect solution for any homeowner who needs a kitchen cabinet solution that is cost-effective, durable, and customizable. The flexibility, low cost, and high quality of RTA cabinets make them a no-brainer for most kitchen remodels.

Top 5 Benefits of RTA Cabinets

1. More Flexibility Than Pre-Made Cabinets
RTA cabinets are mass-produced – leading to lower overall costs – but are much more flexible than pre-made cabinets. RTA cabinets can be purchased in varying configurations and styles, and then assembled to create a more customized, flexible kitchen cabinet solution.

Think of RTA cabinets like Legos – you can pick and choose the components that you need to create a custom kitchen, and then order them. Once you have your cabinets, all you must do is assemble and install them. This gives you much more flexibility, as compared to stock cabinets that cannot be customized at all.

2. Much More Affordable Than Custom Cabinets
Custom cabinets may be nice – but they are extremely expensive. Usually, custom cabinets use only the highest quality materials, take a long time to design, and are created by small, independent craftsmen. While this leads to a beautiful product, it also causes the costs to skyrocket.

Custom cabinets range from $500-$1200 per linear foot, as mentioned. RTA cabinets, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $175-$400 per linear foot – around ⅓ of the cost of custom cabinets.

The cost savings provided by RTA cabinets can be extremely helpful to homeowners remodeling on a budget – with the money you save choosing RTA cabinets, you could upgrade your countertops to granite, add a new set of appliances, or just avoid spending too much on your project – while still getting beautiful, customized cabinets that look just as good as truly “custom” cabinetry.

3. Fast Delivery and Low Turnaround Time
Custom cabinets take a long time to craft. Each one must be handmade by a craftsman, and they are usually assembled at the shop, leading to a longer overall turnaround time. You must also wait for your cabinets to be designed, and for the required materials to arrive at the shop.

Delivery of RTA cabinets is much faster. RTA cabinet suppliers, such as ourselves, have all the required materials in stock all the time. Once you have decided on your order and put together a design that works for your kitchen, you just have to place your order, and your cabinets will arrive in 2-7 days.

4. Easy to Assemble – DIY Or Professionally
RTA cabinets offer an additional way to save money, if desired. If you are feeling handy, you can easily put together your RTA cabinets yourself. The tools required are considerably basic and simple – usually just a hammer, nails, wood glue, and a screwdriver. You should be able to put them together just as easily as you would assemble an IKEA dresser!

And even if you want to leave assembly and installation up to professionals, you’ll still enjoy a lower overall cost compared to custom cabinets, as the labor cost of assembling and installing RTA cabinets is quite low, given their ease-of-assembly.

5. High-Quality Materials
Pre-made cabinets are usually made of low-quality materials. Sure, you will save money buying pre-made cabinets, but the lightweight particleboard, thin wooden veneers, and cheap hardware used in their manufacture can cost you in the long run.
RTA cabinets are higher quality than pre-made cabinets. RTA cabinets use hardwood for the frame, drawer fronts, and doors, while using a plywood material to finish the inside of the cabinet, unlike pre-made cabinets that usually use only cheap particleboard and wood veneers.

Wood Species and Characteristics

When you choose your new kitchen or bath cabinetry, keep in mind that no two pieces of wood are the same.
Stains are likely to exaggerate the difference between open and closed grains and other markings in wood. Grain variation and color change should be expected. As hardwood ages, it will darken when exposed to different types of light. Color differences or changes in wood can also be caused by exposure to harsh chemicals, extreme heat, or moisture. Additionally, wood species exhibit other defining characteristics, such as mineral deposits/streaks, knots, sap runs, pin holes and wormholes. These markings make the wood unique and contribute to its enduring beauty.

Cherry is characterized by its red undertones but may vary in color from white to a deep, rich brown. Cherry is a close-grained wood with uniform texture, revealing pin knots and curly graining. All wood will age with time and the finish will darken. This is especially true for Cherry. This is a sought-after quality in Cherry cabinetry, and those who select it expect this evolution.

Maple is a close-grained hardwood that is predominately white to creamy-white in color, with occasional reddish-brown tones. While Maple typically features uniform graining as compared to other wood species, characteristic markings may include brown lines, wavy or curly graining, bird pecks and mineral streaks. These traits are natural and serve to enhance Maple’s natural beauty.

Our Cabinet lines are certified, environment friendly and safe!

All cabinets are CARB2 Compliant and NKBA certified.

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) enacted legislation in 2007 to reduce formaldehyde emissions in composite wood products. The Air Toxic Control Measure (ATCM) includes hardwood plywood (HWPW), particleboard (PB), and medium density fiberboard (MDF), including thin MDF less than or equal to 8 mm. The intention of CARB2 compliance is to set standards for products that could impact the indoor air health quality of any interior spaces.

NKBA is the National Kitchen & Bath Association. It is an organization of the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry. NKBA members subscribe to the highest standards of ethical business conduct and effectively serve the needs of their community, providing quality and value in their products and services.

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